To the End and a New Beginning

Bergamot Station, Shoshana Wayne Gallery
After a remarkable 24 years, the Bergamot Station ltd. Arts Center in Santa Monica is closing. Shoshana Wayne Gallery will relocate and reopen with an exciting new exhibition program.    
Bergamot Station opened in September 1994.  Its founders, Shoshana and Wayne Blank,  had the vision to convert dilapidated industrial structures into a vibrant arts center –a concept that ultimately revived the art scene in Los Angeles following the 1994 LA Riots and earthquake –two historical events that deeply affected LA’s social culture.  The success of the arts center was always driven by its inclusivity and its core mission of being a cultural stop free and open to all. It has been home to renowned art galleries, architects, and creative businesses. 
At its inception, several of LA’s best galleries moved to the arts center including Patricia Faure, Rosamund Felson and Burnett Miller.  Substantial exhibitions of work by Robert Mapplethorpe, Mike Kelley, Anselm Kiefer, Balthus, Roni Horn, Antony Gormley, Mark Bradford, Yoko Ono, Beatrice Wood and many more have been shown at Bergamot Station, giving California residents a chance to have a firsthand experience of work by pivotal artists.  As such, the arts center became a must-see destination for curators, artists, art collectors, writers and art students. 
Over the years, the arts center has hosted numerous fundraising events for local and national charities as well as political events for the likes of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sheila Kuehl and many more.  The arts center has welcomed countless schools, children and adults of all ages and needs for gallery tours and talks.  In addition, Bergamot Station has engaged the community through special seasonal events and film screenings. 
Beyond its local impact, Bergamot Station has had an influence on cities worldwide including Paris where a similar concept was employed.  Recently, Bergamot Station’s "People Park" was selected by the city of Berlin to be recreated and permanently installed in Berlin’s International Garden Park.  The full-scale exact replica titled “Los Angeles Garden” is presented by German artist Martin Kaltwasser, featuring all elements of our very own "People Park" (palm trees, benches, fencing, and surrounding parking lot), it opened permanently to a very enthusiastic public in April 2017. 
While the Bergamot Station Arts Center as you have known it for the last 24 years has come to an end, the property will be renamed and managed by the city with future plans for redevelopment. 
Shoshana Wayne Gallery looks forward to this welcome opportunity for change and a fresh start.  We thank you for your continued support over the years and look forward to seeing you soon at our new location. 
Many thanks and warmest wishes for a happy new year,
Shoshana and Wayne Blank